improvised lyric #1 (Harlem walk)

improvised lyric #1 (Harlem walk)

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Liner Notes: 

just like it says, giving myself a challenge just to write some impressions of a walk from earlier tonight on the city streets

not sure i'm going to add music...(note its not completely 'regular, tho each verse has four lines with the second and fourth rhyming, so there's that)
so I may just leave this as lyrics , we'll see

(contact me if you want to set this to music tho? )


the light is still strong from a not yet set sun
as i start my walk, past buildings in rows
walking thru bordering neighborhoods
walk just before that sunset glow

yellow beam filters thru trees and tall buildings
those in the park might be flying a kite
a poster unseen just now catches my eye
explaining the merits of immigrant's rights

I think, yes, great poster, ideas so important
how can we convey to mid-American lawns
where groundskeepers toil under a hot sun
while homeowners sit by their TVs and yawn

but digressing from that thought and back to the present
walking, I smell the faint whiff of a j
street numbers get higher, i'm well in the heart
of humanity spread out in all its array

suddenly there's action out on sidewalks and corners
gatherings of two three or seven or eight
talking, smoking, riding on bikes
sitting on stoops, sitting on crates

and as the light fades the street gets more crowded
the night watch is coming perhaps for their shift
im not sure i dare look into the doorways
i walk at a pace, a deliberate drift

arriving at restaurant destination
i join the party that had been arranged
when i go back out the light has faded
wondering if things will now be more strange

but as i reverse my pathway and hoof
with each block less busy, more quiet and slow
the blocksthey melt quickly, now I'm back home
walk in the door and say hello

(c) M. Skliar

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This is such a beautifully honest, and eloquent, description of your journey. I can hear music that changes pace, reflecting the different moods and levels of action in the lyrics.

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the melody of my favotite things runs through my hed as i read your lyrics. try singing it to that melody. i did, and it sounds pretty cool, especially if you take some coltrane inspired liberties with it when the lyrics dont quite fit..thats harlem for ya,