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Liner Notes: 

I was stuck tonight so I decided to work on a possible opening number for my musical from the point of view of electric cars. Since the idea for an opening number, according to Stephen Sondheim, is to introduce the characters and tell the audience everything they need to know, there was a lot of referencing other songs written on this same arc so far this 5090. I did get a bit of help from Lyriccloud.


Tonight {All, Opening}
Shortcut capo IV strings 345

[E(C)] Where do we plug in
[A2(Fmaj7)] Or are we dug in
[B(G)] Tonight

[E(C)] Where do we ride to
[A2(Fmaj7)] How far to drive through
[B(G)] Tonight

[C#m/E(A/E) Jokes in tension
[F#7(D)] Forgot to mention
[C#m/E(A/E) Incessant questions
[F#7(D)] Yesterday’s inventions

[B(G)] We’ve got problems to overcome
Too big for this party
[Aadd11(A2)] Remember anything can happen
Grabbing a solar ray
[E7(E)] Then we blossom
When anything is possible

[Aadd11(A2)] I’m Simone and I took the long boat ride
I’m Louie everybody loves me
I’m Henry fighting off rats and doing the heavy trips day and night

[E(C)] We’re all electric
[A2(Fmaj7)] Some may say eccentric
[B(G)] Tonight

[E(C)] Enjoy the show
[A2(Fmaj7)] Just watch us go
[B(G)] Tonight
[B(G)] Tonight
[B4(G6)] The three of us
[B(G)] Tonight

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interesting opening number for a musical about electric cars. if they did it with CATS, you can do it with CARS. good luck.

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yeah i agree electric cars are more interesting than cats to me! Make a good opening number

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I really like the way you play that guitar. This is a very appealing song to me, even if I can't throw myself entirely into the idea of songs about electric cars. I'd love to watch you set up that guitar and play

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love the guitar
and the way you change the tone in vocal
great story well told
really enjoyed reading the lyric first