Vagabond Cowboys

Vagabond Cowboys

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Liner Notes: 

Ready for your music, recording, marketing. List Larry W Jones as lyrics writer.


Vagabond Cowboys

Come all you vagabond cowboys
Bound to this prairie land
Let me tell you of a story
So, all around me take your stand
I’m a-gonna leave this wild west
I speak surely to make it plain
I’m a-gonna leave cause it’s best
Never gonna come here again

My darlin’ wife, my quarrelin’ wife
For sure we didn’t get along
I left my hard workin’ father
In the old country back at home
I left my dear old kind mother
For where vagabond cowboys roam
I’m just a vagabond cowboy
Here where the longhorn cattle roam

I left my acquaintances dear
They bid me well with parting tears
My dear old Dad he was saying
A cowboy’s life is one to fear
May providence lead and guide you
Vagabond cowboys ride alone
Return my vagabond cowboy
Come back to your old country home

This young lady beside me fair
Ears to my words are open wide
She has promised to be faithful
And she will now be my new bride
This vagabond cowboy loves her
And I see love in her blue eyes
I will always be with her, boys
No more vagabond cowboy, I

I’m tired of trails and their ramblin’
For I know of their trials well
I have crossed the Rocky Mountains
Where many a good cowboy fell
I came from a distant country
There’s no outlaws with guns and wild
This vagabond cowboy’s at home
In a country two thousand miles

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This is a real fine lyric
I really enjoyed reading this
very well structured
loved this line
May providence lead and guide you