Salt And Carbs!

Salt And Carbs!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, Charles hasn't had salt and carbs in months. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


Salt And Carbs

He doesn't want to starve
He knows where these two are
She didn't hide them too far
Salt And Carbs

She won't have a change of heart
She won't accept Charles
It was quieter than a graveyard
Salt And Carbs

He is too smart
He has been working so hard
He was strong right from the start
Salt And Carbs

He almost dozed off
His face woke up in a good thought
He wants to tare the kitchen apart
Salt And Carbs

He is fumbling with the locks
She knows Charles knock
She wants him to stop
Salt And Carbs

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Rockwrites75, a good universal application. Except when I'm on a high mountain hike, it's Sugar & Carbs!