Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

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Liner Notes: 

Benjo made some really nice lyrics and I made music to them. An acoustic guitar with some mellotron sounds. Nothing fancy but still fancier than the more basic demos I'm soon going to have to start doing.

September is going to be a very interesting time for me. My summer vacation is ending. I can give some comments while working at the Adult Education Centre of Helsinki that starts next Monday but can't do demos there. Where do I find the time to demo the last 14 songs? I only have some musical "memos" for my personal use of three or four collabs lyrics. And I have a couple of almost finished rhapsody songs of my own. But that's it.



she stands in the dawn light
in my white cotton shirt
man, the shape of her body
and that look as she turns

I can still hear her laughing
see her hair gainst the sky
knowing she's gone forever
now there's a hole in my life

but I won't say she's gone
strawberry blonde, strawberry blonde
she was a burst of the sun
strawberry blonde, strawberry blonde
and I won't say she's gone
strawberry blonde

this isn't living
always chasing the past
thought of her is stinging
knowing, I can't have her back

how do I move
and get on with my days
when everything's pointless
when every day is the same

and I won't say she's gone
strawberry blonde, strawberry blonde
she's like a burst of the sun
strawberry blonde, strawberry blonde
and I won't say she's gone
strawberry blonde

she breathed the wind on my face
and she made me run on the sand
she made me run into the waves
screaming and waving my hands

now I won't say she's gone
strawberry blonde, strawberry blonde
she's like a burst of the sun
strawberry blonde, strawberry blonde
and I won't say she's gone
strawberry blonde

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Very nice collab guys. Must post mine glad its nothing like this (ha ha just thought that doesnt sound good - I mean we didnt wanmt two that are similar Wink ) !

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Super you two! Love the mellotron that's great with the lyrics. Loved my listen!

kahlo2013's picture

That guitar even before your vocals start sound like a strawberry blonde song. Cool change up between verses and chorus. Love the flute part in this and the flow of the melody. These are great lyrics and so well delivered. Wonderful marriage of music and lyrics.

billwhite51's picture

i like that flute too. it is the icing on the cake. one thing that stands out is the vision of the girl in the first two verses and the way you keep that vision musically alive through the whole of the song. nice little acoustic guitar coda.

Acousticmaddie's picture

Great collab. Very nice written lyrics and you treat them very well. This has a classical radio ready feeling. Super job guys

fresh spotless youth's picture

Well, when you can make the acoustic guitar sound like that, what else do you need? For real, you create a lot of atmosphere with the tools at hand. I some of those chords. Maybe you could post the chart. Ooh, those strings are nice. The chorus is fantastic, sort of dark and poppy at the same time. The has a mystery to it. At first I thought it might be sort of cheesy, but there's a lot of room for interpretation, and the music makes it all even more exotic and mysterious. Really good stuff. Pro-grade work all around

atitlan's picture

Great lyrics by Benjo. Love what you've done musically with this - the flute makes me think of the Moody Blues and is that the Bond progression hiding in the chorus? The 'she breathed the wind on my face' has a quite an exotic feel. Really love this one.

oneslowtyper's picture

This is just a really nice sounding song that almost seems the opposite of the bittersweet lyrics, but the combination just works fantastically!

wobbie wobbit's picture

love those opening chords and when the main guitar part comes in it is such a lovely sound and the mellotron is delicious. so many juicy chord changes and the lyrics are great and bittersweet. fantastic collab both of you!

jcollins's picture

First, the title pulls me in instantly.

Looking at the lyrics...oh man everything sounded great than the bomb knowing she's gone forever. Chorus is great as the repeated strawberry blonde works nicely. The verses are pretty sad and country and the chorus just jumps out with a glimmer of hope. Nice visuals at the beach in the next section. Ok, unless I missed something it appears she has died? Great job on this benjo. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Nice guitar intro...sounds great...vocals now...sounds great...can clearly understand the lyrics...flute now...great melody...strawberry blonde...strawberry blonde...nice flute sounding riff...vocals really carrying this song...and I won't say she's gone...strawberry blonde..strawberry blonde...strings in the back...other effects...not sure what that is...awesome guitar....chorus again...very catchy....nice guitar outro...Klaus, you killed it again. My friend, you have a super talent.

Joanne Gabriel's picture

This is delicious, very refined harmonically and gorgeously performed. The imagery in the lyrics is wonderfully vivid and poetic, with a wistful tone that is also found in the vocals. Here and there, I'm reminded of The House Of Love, which is great. Beautiful collab.