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Liner Notes: 

Tired is what I am most days. Doctor says it's because I don't sleep well. Whatever. This piece is about carrying on with life even when we are tired. The first and last parts were unstructured and just ad libbed ad hoc...sumpthin like that. The 2 middle sections were structured, but quickly thrown together.



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So basically you are saying that when you're tired you should structure what you can and improvise the rest? hahahahaah I wish I could improvise as well as you can in this piano piece. It's beautiful and does convey the feeling of persistence in the main melodies, with the hard passages and the intersting melodious resolves good positive tune.

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wow--- this is really beautiful playing!!!
love the way it cycles thru different sections... that folky 'first main part' is really catchy...as is the whole thing, really. great job!!!

you have some nice stereo effects too, with seemingly each hand you're playing with coming from a different speaker- how do you do that?

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I cheat. Sometimes I play each hand separately on different tracks and then pan them. The improvised pieces at beginning and end are one take, but the structured parts are on 4 different tracks.

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Sorry you are tired but this is such a wonderful piece!

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Wonderful feel and phrasing. Love the flow and how it builds and evolves. Your touch on the keys is absolutely gorgeous!

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Its really beautiful Great builds and touches the heart. Hope you get to sleep well soon. When I was there my doctor said that it was important to get up from bed if you have been awake more than 15 minutes. Get up dont read on any screan but a book (In paper form) rather a boring book about something you are really uniterested of. And then when you get really tired go to sleep but get up again and redo the procedure if you are still awake after 15 minutes.

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Beautifully played and beautifully written. I enjoyed this very much.