Long Ago

Long Ago

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Liner Notes: 

This was a small wisp of an idea and kind of a throwaway, perhaps.

I was playing this very old small body nylon string guitar and came up with a chord progression, then kind of sang the first thing that occurred to me..

I figured after doing a very quick IPhone recording that this could use some effects, so i played around with the track in audacity, adding some tremelo, cutting and pasting a few sections to make this very short song a little longer... some weird effects are at the end, where i took the sound that I inadvertantly made at the end of the recording and repeated and manipulated it a bit.... not sure if it works but hey, another song...!


So long ago
how did it go
I remember when it all seemed to flow

another universe
candy colored sunburst
kind of better and kind of worse

nostalgia kills they say
but i say let us play
and reminisce about the old times anyway

So long ago
how did it go
I remember when it all seemed to flow

(c) M. Skliar 2019

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Nostalgia does kill! It's a way to supervalue the past because the present isn't so good... but we often do that again in the future and reminisce about the now... humans...

Cool song, I like the vocalization and the lyrics. The final effects are very interesting as they sound like a tape rewinding and fit the idea of the song perfectly

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Sometimes these little songs come out so honestly. Nice!

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Sounds cool--like a big open sky. Ah ah ah, nice. Drench the whole thing in some epic reverb and let our minds be blown!