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Liner Notes: 

Not sure where this song came from other than that I often admire the Creator's handiwork and apologize to him for we humans, for messing it up.

I've been noticing a bell sound in my choir pieces and I've thinking what the heck? Couldn't hear it on individual tracks, but sure can on the piece as a whole. Sounds like the bloody metronome, but that only sounds in my headphones...then I was like oh snap! I finally realized that the mike must be picking up the metronome from my headphones! Argh! So I've lowered the volume and changed to something softer. Fixed for next time! But I did not want to rerecord all 14 voices for this one. So if you hear the little "bell" from time to time...please ignore it.


Susan Cantey © 2019

The sun appears behind the rolling hills
And spreads its golden beams across the purple fields
The light intensifies, slowly it reveals
The splendor of the world, oaks and evergreens

Beautiful are the works of your hands
Lord, we do adore you
Beautiful are your thoughts
Beautiful are you

The moon and the stars, galaxies and nebulas
Vast and amazing is your universe
From nothing, you spoke, and they all came into being
The wonder of your mind and reality converged


Oh, what is man, that you are mindful of him?
Oh, what is man, that you should care for him?



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14 vocal parts? i cant even get one harmony to work. i studied madrigal singing to improve my vocal harmonic sense, but i just cant do it. l so im 14 times impressed with your skill at creating such gorgeous vocal harmonies. This piece is such a joy to listen to.

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very impressive indeed! wonderful singing and harmonies, and the open-hearted lyric is really highlighted by that great singing!

kahlo2013's picture

Absolutely gorgeous and so rich with awe, wonder, and gratitude. I love the non-traditional praise and worship content and the compelling delivery with the many voices and harmonies. Your women’s choir pieces are some of my very favorite.

musicsongwriter's picture

Oh what a gorgeous song, harmonies, singing. Absolutely beautiful and breath taking.

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The layered vocals are beautiful. Your melody reminds me of some music I've heard recently in church, only a little more modern. I think you've nailed the emotion very well.