Liner Notes: 

I was going full-on Eno for the vibe in this one. I coupled that with an attempt to be (much) less verbose with my lyrics.

I don't necessarily condone the sentiment here, although I am partial to the occasional glass of red wine...


Is good for you
I think

As for me
I'd rather
have a drink

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


phoenixash's picture

Being less verbose worked here as the instrumentals do give a very sort of "drunk" feeling, very surreal as if you're in a trance. Suspended in time and then the words hit, just as dreamy. Let's have one.

Susan Cantey's picture

Contradictory lyric that fits most humans perfectly. Wonderful landscaping here!

billwhite51's picture

that opening sound hit me like shot of jack daniels and i felt the warmth spreading through me as the sounds expanded. disclaimer...i followed a careless youth of alcohol abuse with 35 years of sobriety. for the last six years, i have been drinking like a normal person, and haven got drunk once. so im with you on the liner notes.thanks for the woozy five minutes as i have my morning coffee.

coolparadiso's picture

yes the build is really cool! I think your lyric is the definition of the difference between intelligent and wise! intelligent is the the knowing, wisdom is what you do about it. Morning here so I will have a red wine tonight! Smile

wobbie wobbit's picture

aww lovely, i agree with Bill about that warm glow spreading, very relaxing but unfortunately no help to me trying for another abstinent evening... mmm

Adnama17's picture

Everything in moderation, be it lyrics, wine, women, song... My problem is that's exactly what I don't do. Sigh...
I can definitely hear the Eno in this. The chimes. The whispering. The drone. Damn it, I wish I had better speakers!

Fuzzy's picture

Yeah great drone you got goin' on here.
I'm loving the Frippertronic guitar lurking around in the background.
Excellent headphone mix.
Those intermittent chimes and gongs really add to this track.
Quality Ambient music for sure.
I really enjoyed this!

standup's picture

I’m here because of the ebow and long-delay tags sounded fun. And it is, lovely sounds, quite a wash. Oh, and I rather agree with. Some people need or want sobriety, I prefer a mix. A mixed drink that is. With long periods of sobriety before and after.