Liner Notes: 

I did a tutorial online on how to create a trap beat. I can't rap or do anything like that, so this turned into more of a soul, RnB type thing.


I never ever thought it could be sweeter
Now I'm living like a true believer
Can't go back before revelation
Fascination burning like a fever

Everything is happening much faster
Empty my box of alabaster
Can't unknow a realization
Inspiration coming from a master

I'm letting go
I'm giving you control
I'm letting go
I'm giving you control

Find I'm falling down a rabbit tunnel
Opening my mind like a funnel
Can't unsee a thing with implications
Fascination making the veil crumble

The glass is lifting for the elevator
Feel the shift to the originator
Can't ignore a feeling of vibration
A fixation on something greater

I'm letting go
I'm giving you control
I'm letting go
I'm giving you control

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kahlo2013's picture

Great groove with the trap beat. I don’t know what a trap beat is but it sounds good. I like the direct ambiguity of the lyrics and the sexy soft low vocals that soar in the right places. Very sensual feel.

helen's picture

You're a bit of good at this elctropop thing, aren't you? Who knew? This could totally be a radio hit. It's got a really cool soul vibe to it. Can't say I'm personally a fan of the autotune on this. It kind of works on the chorus, but there are other points where it just gets in the way a bit too much. Great track, though.

cindyrella's picture

Very soulful! I like Tha trap beat and the r & b flavor is so cool

mike skliar's picture

great stuff! This whole thing really works well, the vocal is perfect over this hypnotic backing track (I don't know what a trap beat is either, i'll have to look it up)
some very interesting word choices there too.. which really give this a unique flavor.... great job!! and i love that chorus, somewhat autotuned (?) and all!

Susan Cantey's picture

Oooh so cool from the very start. Such a smoky sexy vocal. Classic soul gold! Love the vocal effects. This is soooo ggooooood!!! Hypnotic!

splittybooms's picture

The modulation on the vocals match the intended genre.
I enjoyed listening to your unaffected voice, as its quite nice here with a good r&b feel.
There is rhythmic synth coming during the chorus that I am quite fond of. I'm curious what DAW you use, as it sounds like one of the patches in Reason that is one of my favorites, but I can't quite tell.
Regardless, that sound paired with the deep phaser elec piano is great.
Nice arp during non-vocal sections.
Hits the r&b/soul button.

coolparadiso's picture

Indeed a very good groove. Very nice tune! Got a nice rolling rhythm !

tcelliott's picture

This is cool. I really like how there is quite a lot of movement in the trap beat but you have that cool pace in the melody, a smoothness that's top notch. I definitely enjoyed listening throughout. This is good.

atitlan's picture

Cool modern R&B vibe here. The bass and electric piano give this a very warm feel that evokes that laid-back late-night atmosphere.