Nuns on Celibacy

Nuns on Celibacy

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Liner Notes: 

So my task was to MORPH the Lyric provided by Nate.
His had a strong sense of sociopolitical commentary - so I wanted to keep that element. I also follow the overall rhyme structure of the verses and overall direction of the verses. I started replacing about 50% of the words after starting with his first line

“Let’s ask a gun about diplomacy” and immediately heard “Let’s as a nun about celibacy” which led my morph to be a different kind of sociopolitical commentary focusing on the child abuse sex scandals of the Catholic Church. Then I added a chorus just to change it up more. Here are Nate’s original lyrics that he created as part of a lyric morph of Lowhum’s lyrics.

Guns on Diplomacy

Let’s ask a gun about diplomacy
To work out some things with some bloke
In and out Indian reservations
Do I look like this a joke?

There’s nothing to learn in history books
So let's just leave it on the shelf
Permit me to commence at five
I’ll be back at nine for my failing health

Seems science lacks the answers
A good magic trick is a must
The critics have gathered tonight
To behold our show of dust

Our future rests in giving out
poems to kids on the block
And a mean drum from Swaziland
So we’ll learn to roll not to rock


Lyric Morph

let’s ask a nun about celibacy
to work out some things with the church
of and about allegations
of Catholic priests and sexual abuse

there’s a lot to learn in cloistered books
it’s time to take them off the shelves
permit closer examination of the
scandals in robes under belts....

its up to us
what beliefs we choose
but we can’t ignore
child abuse

its up to us
what beliefs we choose
but they should promote
love and truth

seems religion lacks the answers
more prayers are not enough
the abused have come forward
behold their stories of papal lust

our future rests in promises
to protect all kids in pews
and commitments from Rome
to not tolerate their sex abuse....

its up to us
what beliefs we choose
but we can’t ignore
child abuse

its up to us
what beliefs we choose
but they should promote
love and truth

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I haven't been following this morphing chain, but I wanted to come read these lyrics on their own. I like how the lyric incorporates irony and sincerity to make a strong point.

When you said nuns and celibacy, I thought you were going talk about what nuns do with other nuns in the wee small hours of the night. Smile Obviously not. This is a very serious subject that really doe demand attention. Today I just learned of a local pastor that was convicted for peeping on women with some hidden cameras. That doesn't give you much hope that any of these situations are getting better.

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This is badass and so powerful! You took this morph to a whole new level