Ears To Hear!

Ears To Hear!

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Liner Notes: 

I was working an Acid Pro project yesterday and when I got these lyrics from Jimmy I thought I my try to get them into this project. I usually don't do vocals on Acid Pro projects but I did actually try something on this. Thanks for listening.


Ears To Hear

His cold beer
He was in the clear
To have it right here
Ears To Hear

He has no fear
He got his rear in gear
His thirst was near
Ears To Hear

His decision was made
It has a excellent taste
He broke into cheers
Ears To Hear

He grinned into his drink
He tossed it to the sink
He had been drinking for a year
Ears To Hear

Yeah, yeah he won't quit
Yeah, yeah he took a long sip
Nobody wants to interfere
Ears To Hear

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new AcidPro project I like it. Your vocals and music sound awesome.

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after ypu finished off the lyric at halfway point, i was wondering what you wuld do with the second half... increase the arrangementm warp it out a little, and repeat the last tow verses. great idea. i lked this one a lot. one of jimmys best lyrics

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This really WAS interesting. Nice EFX throughout, very nice arrangment. I'm always a fan of good arrangements. All the variety really kept my interest--nice lyrics. Great collaboration, guys!

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Quite intriguing! Thought-provoking in its simplicity, the lyrical idea with an underlying heart(beat) and awesome build as the arrangement grew with FX. Really cool’

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Acid might just be the right word! interesting stuff and it works well. You are churning them out!

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Ears to hear remind me of Jesus saying this and how we sometimes apply this saying in Spiritism here in Brazil, that one must truly listen to every underlying meaning. It's interesting how it melds with the lyrics and the very experimental music. I am intrigued as what the underlying meaning is.