Those Darn Monsters

Those Darn Monsters

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Liner Notes: 

Hey, Fuzzy here;

This track started life as an offhand comment about giant monsters by @Mosley, and I turned it in to a story.

The music is all @Mosley; I just did the words.

Sorry for the swearing, but I think it fits the character of the narrator.

I mixed this on headphones, so my apologies if my words aren't clear if you're using something else to listen.

I think we've all had bad days...

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I really enjoyed this! The music is head worm stuff - so its easy to focus on the vocal! I was on headphones so it was pretty clear

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Music is European sounding and very atmospheric. Story is absurd and hilarious ... you had me at "giant ape-like thing." Love the way the commuter is unfazed and continues to think about his normal hum-drum responsibilities. Jet fighters, missiles, dead monsters, pizza ... brilliant.

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YEAH! Glad this finally exists!!!
Brian is my favorite conductor too! He's such a great guy.
BUT NO!!!!!!!!!!! Why do all the good guys always get squished?!
What a dick the narrator is.
That music sounds like an 80s video game soundtrack. <3
Good stuff boys!

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love the yeah yeah you know mundane description of something totally out of the norm. very amusing. whatever. lovely relaxed cushion for it all to sit on. nice collab both

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this is interesting, it feels like an intro to a movie. the music is really thick in texture, but it never gets in the way of words. Very good!

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Man, I love these stories. I just lean in and wait for the conclusion. The delivery is so masterfully conversational. (Yeah, my wife wants me to work on a new porch, too.) The music is so delightfully low key. Normally I turn the volume down and gird my loins for a wall of guitars when I see the name Mosely, so this was a surprise. (Pizza?! LOL.) Yes, pizza! That was fun

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Nice story of a self-centered jerk caught in a Godzilla movie. End of the world makes me hungry too. This is point of view we rarely are given but I bet that's more common than we'd like to think. Smile