It Don’t Matter Where I Go

It Don’t Matter Where I Go

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Liner Notes: 

Cindy - I have been watching the wonderful TV show The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It is set in the late 50's and even the music is great. I had this idea
come from that show.

Martin - Cindy is one of my frequent collaborators with these challenges, and when the Random Collabs thread suggested we work together, I asked Cindy for some songs that had been left without lyrics for a while, and this was one that stood out to me. As an extra bit of pressure and as a personal goal, I vowed to write the music on keyboard as I had a tune in my head as well, and then to use keyboard as the main instrument. Here is a very rough (with mistakes) live run through, that I hope to replace with a more produced demo!


It Don't Matter Where I Go
© 2019 Cindy Prince

You broke it off (what was your reason?)
You broke my heart (and now you are leaving)

My friends say (take a vacation)
My pals tell me (go down to the station)

But it don't matter where I go
I'm gonna be longing for you I know
I can go to Cleveland
I can go to Perth
I can visit Naples
But without you I'm not worth (anything)
I can go to Denver
I can visit Rome
I can go to Timbuktu
But without you I'll never be (home)

Oooo baby....I still want

You wanted out (I don't understand it)
You tore me up ( Wasn't that grand of you?)

My friends say (go see new things)
My pals tell me (go spread your wings)

Repeat chorus

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i like the work tape quality of this recording, as you search for the the melodywith your keyboard and voice. it has the effect of a lyric coming to life, in the processe of becoming a song.

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It is endearing to listen to you play on this and I love this melody so much! I think the keyboard is just the right choice on this song. It's a great and thank you!

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Sure, you'll want a cleaner demo at some point. But the melody is here and your keyboard playing does what it needs to. Cindy's lyrics are very nice here. Nice collab, you two!

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yes - i wanna see the video Smile Its really is like watching someone write a song in a movie - i really enjoyed it! and a great bit of material to work with

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I find the place names in the chorus interesting. Ohio and Colorado all the way to Naples and Timbuktu. And I found the keyboard backing appropriate to the lyric. It's rough but easy to hear the meat of the song.

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Beautiful melody for the loving lyrics. The gentle vocals with simple piano is a perfect way to deliver the sentiment.

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This is fascinating and interesting, and I loved hearing your work process as it progessed. Thank you for sharing and please let me know when the more produced demo is up Smile

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Looking at the lyrics...the first dare him/her breaking your heart. Love the background vocals in brackets. Well, that's how I use them. Strong chorus and has Cindy written all over it...I'm getting to know your writing Cindy. Yes, I like it very much. The bridge...hard to ignore oooo baby (love it). Yep, pretty good Cindy. I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Piano...vocals now...sounds good...good melody...nice chord arrangement...soothing vocals...can clearly understand the lyrics...oooo baby....I still want you...oooo baby...that's the chord. Nice job on this Marv...really good by both.