Muddying the Waters

Muddying the Waters

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Liner Notes: 

Nancy--- Mike Skliar asked me to take a swing at his lyric last night, and he suggested a blues setting. I made a few edits and did a quick piano-and-voice recording. This is kind of fun; I might work up more of a solo and try playing this with others. Thanks, Mike!

Mike- wow, I love what you did here Nancy- as always, you musically hit it out of da park. and it sits so well in that 'mose-adjacent' mode, -- love those oh-so-perfect lyric changes you made, too- ah-woooooooooo!! yes!


Last time you made any sense was Thursday, I believe
Thursday, April 8, 1973
Since then it’s all clicks and buzzes from here
You talk nonstop but never is it clear
The mouth is open but there’s no organized sound
Muddying the waters to appear profound

Your sentences turn on themselves, like a pointless riddle
Diagram it out, it’s an MC Escher scribble
Why use one or two words when 30 will do
A dazzling display that’s everything but true
You’re an open book that’s come unbound
Muddying the waters to appear profound

The little I can glean from your rambling so verbose --
So far -- is that I’d never want to get very close
To that stream of saliva spiked with some bitter poison
Don’t know what it means, but I can’t let that noise in
I’d rather listen to a Baskerville hound
Than your muddying the waters to appear profound

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Cleverly written and yeah, knocked outta the park by a shining delivery! Just the right attitude at every step. Loved that Escher line!! This hits that sweet collab spot; you guys have done it again!

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Delivery is GREAT!
"Why use one or two words when 30 will do." SO TRUE!!!!
That hound sound is the BEST!
I love every bit of this. <3

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That is an amazing collab.Nancy, I love how your melody takes on the familiar nuances and cadences of a M.S. song, but you also breath something fresh into it.

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lovely collab. great lyrics and the bluesy music is the delivery and the hound howl. top job.

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I totally love these lyrics! The first line hooked me. Love the attitude and sarcasm that Nancy delivers so well, gorgeous vocals and great light blues feel. Delightful!

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A great collab. Very clever lyrics, and delivered in such a droll style. From the first couplet to the last, it's such a nasty retort to whom I imagine is someone who is just a pain to be around. And it's sung with such aplomb, I bet the victim never felt the dagger go in until it was given a twist. Lots of fun to listen to.