Shaking Off The Rain!

Shaking Off The Rain!

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Liner Notes: 

Jerry here: Jimmy sent me this song last night and I have a demo today. I did a rough draft and it was good so I did the full demo. Thanks for listening.

Production notes: Started with rough draft and I wanted to play my bass and fender so pursued full demo. Total production time about 4 hours.


Shaking Off The Rain

Shaking Off The Rain
He went to get his truck and chain
Shaking Off The Rain
He rides down a muddy lane

He said his girlfriend's name
She was interrupted by the train
It was smokey and loud
He applied his breaks under a cloud
He stopped cold to listen
The storm crept into his vision
She looks emotionally exhausted
Her windows we're frosted


He is dazzled by her headlights
She placed a hand outside
Standing she is ready to leave
He took a moment to breathe
The cold rain they swallowed down
He pulled the car out
That's sweet, but it doesn't drive anymore
She had left it before

He went back to his farm
Suddenly she was calm
After that terrible experience
For the rainy season
He's taking her in his arms

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Hey Jerry, my friend wow and many thanks bro. You did an excellent job on your new song I like it. Your bass and fender guitar sound awesome.

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i love the guitar at the start. the lyrics have a slightly unusual up down bouncy (which works) feel and are very good. your lyrics often surprise me - they are often very different. good song

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That is a fun romp. The guitar solo is monstrous. Well done boys.

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really catchy pop music motorizes jimmys lyric. good swinging rhythms make me feel good. the word play is clever and fun. and after the singing, we are treated so a few bars of your masterful guitar shredding.