Missing a little

Missing a little

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Liner Notes: 

Missing a little such as a usual beat. An attempt at writing consistently in 7/8 time which has almost succeeded despite the absence of melody. Filmic underscore for suspense or drama.... the instruments are: piano, sordino strings from Garritan Personal Orchestra used as a synth pad behind the piano, cello and contrabass.

The original was created on 24 August 2019 which I am told was "strange music day"....o-kaaayyy....

Music by & Copyright © TJ Fatchen All Rights Reserved APRA-AMCOS

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i dont think melody works in scores for suspense films. it is usually the type of piano figures you employ here that are most effective in building suspence as well as being the most memorable. so absence of melody is really a plus in this instance. also effective is the sparsement of the piano segments, with the strings underscoring a suspenseful nothingness when the piano is silent.

It works as a backing track, of course.

And what Bill said; however, to me the “melody” is the rhythmic melody synced to the rhythm of the scene it may be backing or even in contrast to. So in that regard the other you cite it may lack may be like a lyric to chunk of music, vise versa, — not lacking, just not revealed to mere mortals yet Smile

I'm kinda with Bill on this one. Sometimes melodies distract from the scene when it's supposed to be bed music. I love how this does keep everything very sparse arrangement wise and builds tension with repetition and moodiness.

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Listening while at work.
I did not notice the 7/8 time, only that there was delicate music playing in my headphones and it was improving my work experience.
The instrument choices worked and so did the arrangement.
Perfect for film/tv.

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Very nice. I could see it as drama music, playing as the picture moves across an expansive landscape! I didn't notice 7/8 i guess thats how well it was done!