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Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


Calm and contemplative listening. Love the gentle cadences of this.

But please don't let me get started on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, though.
I tend to draw comparisons with horoscopes before moving on to a full-blown rant (I'm an educational psychologist and training designer by trade!) Biggrin

Yeah, really chilled out. Very thoughtful. Piano just sort of drifts and wanders. So great. I love the title. I think it's a great fit. I dropped out of college before becoming a full blown psychologist, so I have no issues with Myers-Briggs. Smile

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The multiple piano tracks, the rare percussion, and very very subtle sustained strings (at least I think that is what I'm hearing as I turn the volume up), it meshes well.
I like piano pieces and this one is no exception.
Gentle and delicate, with a quietness that made me turn up my headphones so I could hear everything that you had to offer.
Reading the comments, I know see what the title is about. Not very long ago, I was into these tests and indicators and learned a great deal; all very interesting and gave me much to think about. I appreciate seeing it here in the musical world.

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Something miraculous is about to happen! This music announces that it's coming! Lovely!

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Intriguing mix, I love the subtle strings, and the distant echos like a patter or rain outside. And is there a single bongo hit in there? Or a few here and there maybe?

There are occasional glitches, sounds ending suddenly, which makes it even more interesting. The melody is a little scattered, but keeps circling back. This is like a morning walk in a quiet wood, with no urgent destination and plenty of time. Maybe.

When I take Myers-Briggs I'm most often INTP. So I would have over-thought something like this a bit more probably. But for me the T and F are close, and I've seen both on the results.

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the stereo mix balances well in my ears. love the depth of sound and seperation of the piano.

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INFPers unite!
Beautifully nuanced keys that convey a gentle introspective and reflective feel. I like the drone like foundation that supports the slowly flowing melody. I am now trying to imagine a piano Meyers Briggs and am thinking I’d be scared by the ESTJ piece.