Liner Notes: 

Song number 8. Chords formed from Newspaper story, using letters to suggest random chords.

Title, from the laptop AC power adapter I tripped over, when I tried to leave the room to get some food.

This has got to be an instrumental, I don't think even the most brilliant lyricist could put words to this. I think that's a challenge for all you lyricists out there.

Quite difficult to put together it spent a long time as clashing piano parts going nowhere, then suddenly I had this.

Music M M Scullion ©2019

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Chip Withrow's picture

Letting this one settle nicely into the headphones and envelop me. Lush and lovely, hypnotic and orchestral. The yoga classes I teach would enjoy flowing to this one.

billwhite51's picture

the lyric wouldnt be hard to write, as the melody has a consistent eight beats, but singing it would take the song out of the pop music realm.

Susan Cantey's picture

Love it when mathematics helps to create music. This is wonderful!!