'Cherished Memories'

'Cherished Memories'

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Liner Notes: 

I composed my piano piece back in 2018. Kristi later created her beautiful lyrics and on 26/08 I received beautiful vocals from Amanda. Thank you for listening and sharing your thoughts.


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Damn, we're good. I mean that sincerely. You ladies are amazing and awesome to work with! Smile

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Thank you so much Amanda, both Kristi and me love your vision for the song.

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Kristis lyrics embrace and enlarge the music, and the melodies are resolved with a slight dissonance in the vocals that adds a touch of sustain to the end of each verse.

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Nadia's music is soft, yearning in a gentle way, and just beautiful. Amanda's vocals are so sincere and heartfelt they almost bring tears to my eyes. Kristi's lyrics are full of great ideas and lines, hands being full-metaphor is a good idea that gives structure and emotion in splendidly varied ways, as in the first verse. Enjoyable song! Yes, you ladies are great!

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So tender and honest. I am always in awe of collaborations that take this route, and I’m happy you three bubbled up into this combination; it’s very moving.

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Nice piano...singing now...sounds good...can clearly understand the lyrics...for once I was sure we were different...we fit like a puzzle...together we were....we were only human....who were we fooling...we were in much too deep...life was brighter with you and me....we both had our hands full holding onto....we kept love in our....for safekeeping....nice outro piano. Nice song, great job on this.

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The piano playing is lovely. It's what I would expect from Nadia, very good. I like the lyric very much. Lines such as "promises we can't keep" and "holding on to our dreams" work as overarching sentiment/emotion that sum up the details in the verses. Amanda does a fine job of singing. Whoever came up with that melody did a great job. I think it's great.