The Air Is Thick

The Air Is Thick

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Liner Notes: 

The drum sound is a tongue drum, a wooden box with grooves cut into it. I strike with a mallet in between the grooves to play notes in the key of D. It's a beautiful instrument - when I'm not playing it, it's on display in our front room.
One morning last week, I took the dog for a walk and I thought the air felt unusually thick with humidity. And then a tropical storm started brewing out in the Atlantic east of us, and I guess I was probably also thinking somewhat about the Amazon forest fires.


The air is thick with humidity
Feel it looming over me
In the distance stormy sea
The air is thick with humidity

The air is thick with cosmic force
Eyes are red voice is hoarse
Gotta let things run their course
The air is thick with cosmic force

The air is still – feels like insinuation
The air is wet – feels like flirtation

The air is thick taking form
Back of your neck sticky and warm
Stock your shelves before the storm
The air is thick taking form

The air is thick, silence so loud
Collective gasp from the crowd
Weight on your shoulders, head is bowed
The air is thick silence so loud
The air is thick like a shroud

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I love the sound of this! I often say the air is thick. Wonderfully done! That drum is awesome too.

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Cool thing! Reminds me of some Tom Waits sound and the groove is quite Mark Knopflerish. I like the mallet sound and I can almost hear how it would sound like as a session with more musicians where you keep some of the original elements.

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this song brings back the smell and heaviness of that think orangesmelling air when lived in florida..i was on the western coast in cocoa beach. love that tongue drum too.

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Tongue drum is cool! We just moved back to Vegas after living in New Smyrna Beach, Fl for a couple of years. Interesting experience - heavy air, I called it. I like the way “thick” sounds.

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oooo i saw reggae so here i am. yup its got the reg mute strum. spot on ! interesting lyric - sounds like brisbane summer

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Loving the raggae vibes. Very cool sound. Your song paints a dramatic picture. Very interesting instrumentation and very likable singing and playing. Not likable situation to be in.