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Liner Notes: 

Sorry about the demo - four other people were using the immediate area, so I had to tweak a lot of the background noise!! I'm also a little shaky in 3/4. Apologies.


Nestled in shadow
In meadows for beds
To lay in this world
Is a privileged rest

The grasses which cradle us
Are thousands of threads
But I’d care less, it’s true
If I couldn’t share with you.

Stars hung in amber
White sunset flashes
Quick, make a wish
Like on fallen eyelashes

Watch how the sky turns
in colourful splashes
It’s easy to care
In the moments you’re there.

I turn and I face you
Whole planets would swoon
And history would sing
If we gave it our tune

Heart-tangled duets
In a lone afternoon
I’d be stuck on this view
If I w’n’t next to you.

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So pretty! Such a warm and inviting sound. Calm and sweet melody. Lovely acoustic solo too. This is great!

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with these lyrics and this voice, who notices the background noise? lovely melody as well.

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Vivid lyric married with an enchanting melody sweetly delivered! Love the shadowy harmony - would have liked more - and guitar solo.

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oh yes. had me from the first note. beautiful song. this is a really good song! beautifully delivered - you did a good job with the background - sounds like waves or a light breeze