Liner Notes: 

Wait; Chris doing a track that's less than 2 minutes 30 seconds long? What's going on?

Well, my first generation Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 that I've used for recording has been having driver issues under the latest version of Windows 10 to the point where my system would BSOD on me or refuse to load the driver entirely (so all sound came out of the speakers on my monitor). The good news is that Focusrite issued a new driver for it this week, which abandons the old ASIO drivers in favour of something that they've developed themselves. The bad news is that it updated Microsoft's Visual C++ runtime DLL in order to make it work, and *that* really upset my installation of Ableton Live 10. Eventually I had to reinstall Live, which was not what I'd planned on doing this afternoon.

So this is primarily a test to check that the audio interface and Live are back to behaving themselves properly. They seem to be, for the moment at least. The guitar is an Ibanez RG770 which I bought second- or third-hand last year and which handles plucked (and tapped) harmonics very nicely indeed.

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coolparadiso's picture

well its a good test. its very nice - weaves all together really well.

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Short and sweet, indeed. It floats and shines. Glad to see that technical issues led to this gorgeous little piece. I could see it as an interlude in an album.