Diplomacy With Guns

Diplomacy With Guns

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Liner Notes: 

A morph of @lowhum's lyrics. I kept every other line of his and slotted in a new rhyme. By having these images in place to fit a rhyme to it helped me craft this odd, surrealist end-of-the-world imagery. Very different than my normal lyrical approach.


Let’s ask a gun about diplomacy
To work out some things with some bloke
In and out Indian reservations
Do I look like this a joke?

There’s nothing to learn in history books
So let's just leave it on the shelf
Permit me to commence at five
I’ll be back at nine for my failing health

Seems science lacks the answers
A good magic trick is a must
The critics have gathered tonight
To behold our show of dust

Our future rests in giving out
poems to kids on the block
And a mean drum from Swaziland
So we’ll learn to roll not to rock

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thats a really clever lyric. be interested to see what gets done with this!

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Your lyrics address very serious issues. Looking forward to hearing them.