Do Hummingbirds Fart?

Do Hummingbirds Fart?

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Liner Notes: 

Yesterday, when I wrote This Morning is Glorious I mistakenly typed in (or my phone did )hummingbirds fart, not dart. @pfoo suggested that could be a whole other song. So here it is! Smile


Do Hummingbirds Fart?
© 2019 Cindy Prince

I have questions
Not many do
Do hummingbirds fart?
The same as me and you?
Do lions get their mane's done
Do anteaters say a-choo?

I ponder things
Maybe I'm not right
Do lightning bugs glow
In the daytime and at night?
Do penguins dream
And wish they could take flight?

I have questions
That don't make sense
When raccoons wash their food
Do they also rinse?
Do some kingfishers
Wish they were a prince?

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you would have to have excellent hearig and an acute sense of smell to answer that question. as for the others raised in this topical song, some are knowable and others unanswerabe.

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That's a fun set of lyrics - the great unasked questions of life.

But in answer to the question in the title ... only the jet-powered ones.

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Wow, you did it! That is so funny Smile I like the other questions, too!