Bank Three, Patch Thirteen

Bank Three, Patch Thirteen

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Liner Notes: 

The title comes from the bank and patch I dialled in at random on the Roland GR20. I simply shut my eyes and twiddled the bank and patch controls, then started playing without knowing what sound I was going to get. I then let the sound guide me in this improv. No effects used on the track. The guitar is simply plugged straight into the desk and I was just raising and lowering the volume on the guitar itself to bring it in and out of the mix.

Next time I'll try something similar but throw a couple of dice to determine the bank and patch settings. Wink

Note: I counted Bank 3 as the "Voice/Pad" bank on the GR20.

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Nobody does voice pads like Roland do, and your playing really shows off the textures and the way that they develop over time to great effect. Your restraint in not adding further effects is impressive - I'd have drenched the whole thing in tons of reverb! And then when the "raw" guitar sound comes in, the character of the piece changes; the whole thing really takes off. This is beautiful, contemplative music.

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I totally needed to hear this today. I thank you for your experimentation and musicality to give me a peaceful start today. I think it is lovely and floaty and for a moment, it was all there was....