Song in the Key of House

Song in the Key of House

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Liner Notes: 

Don't seem to have much to say lyrically this year, so here's another instrumental (with a couple of vocal samples thrown in for good measure)

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When punk arrived, it was all about "Three chords and the truth." What I love about house is the way it simplified things even further to "two piano chords and a solid beat."

The cut-up vocal samples are disconcerting, but I really like them.

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yeah thats really cool. a good listen - more proof of no need for over complexity. nice clean sound

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Wonderful groove. You create some fun traditions and different section that works well together and create a cool composition. Surprising and fun. Great energy!

What keeps this going is the cool arrangement with adding different layers and textures. Hey. it's got a god beat, and I can dance to it. What's not to like?

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Of course the title grabbed me right away. Clever! I missed the punk movement but I heard country music was “3 chords and the truth” - lol! Like the idea of “2 piano chords and a beat.” Love it when the hats speed into a new beat with the vocal samples. Really really cool!!

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Hey, dance music! This "house" genre is something that I can relate to since I heard it way back when it was in fashion. Good collection of sounds and vocal samples. I like the cool hi-hat, tambourine break and that lively section it leads to it especially. A bit experimentation with the vocals there keeping it fresh. Bonza!

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Like sbs2018, immediately drawn due to the title.
I just lost myself in some old Chicago house yesterday for a couple hours.
To me, this could easily be found in an old beat up crate with all my uncle's (who was a DJ...still is actually now and then) other records.
This has the feel, and many of your sound choices made me think for a moment I was back on youtube revisiting those old songs.
I appreciate this post.