Raised In America

Raised In America

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Pretty straight forward rock tune. It ended up boiling down about everything I could comment on about coming up and drudging through modern American life.

I know plenty of people are living the good life, and mine's pretty sweet, but I also know it's a messed up country for lots of reasons.

Hiding from issues don't make them go away and whether problems affect you or not, they still exist.

If hearing protests and hearing the fight for power annoys you, then you're probably part of the problem and at best, aren't helping anyone but yourself.

Of course you have that right when you're....raised in America...


Raised In America Soliloquy Intro - Charles Bedraggled


Raised in America / Raised in America - Kids don't have a chance when they're raised in America
Raised in America / Raised in America - Look down at the world when you're raised in America
Raised in America / Raised in America - Slaves to the dollar when you're raised in America
Raised in America / Raised in America - Something's got to give for the raised in America

Verse 1 - The Kids

And what can you say in America, When teenagers get Hysteria
Pastors at church give them gonorrhea, Don't know if their classmates carryin'
Can they hold down a GPA, or will they get mowed down by the AK?
Will they live long enough to graduate, when you need Kevlar to get through the day

They got snap chat, instagram, tik tok and what's app,
Self shots by naked girls, cyber bullies breakin all the rules
STD's from group sex, Suicide from group texts,
Study groups for big tests, get group rates for percosets.

Culture shocked and obsessed, over worked over stressed,
Marketing overt sex, dulling their alertness
Fiver year olds on aderal so doped up they can't add at all,
American dreams are the root cause, because every body wants it all

Verse 2 - The Money

Shopping Malls with discounts, gotta bling bling with my wrists out
Gotta lay away at the checkout, 'cause I can't afford this right now
Buy today, pay tomorrow, credit cards, beg & Borrow
Get the bill, feelin' sorrow, closet's full but I'm feelin' hollow

Modern times go us feelin' sick, gotta talk to the therapist
Can't get in without full insurance, marathons take less endurance,
Grab the bottle, turn it up, drink it straight from solo cups,
Need the weed just to get to sleep, been gave up on countin' sheep

News casts in every ear, got anything you want to hear,
Pick your channel, pick your poison, choose your side, your path is chosen
They tell you what to think, they tell you what to say,
I hope we all wake up before it's too late,

Verse 3 - The Police

Racists cops beatin' kids, shootin' up the innocents
In danger if you're not white if you're caught out at night,
Hell they'll shoot you in daylight, plant the evidence on sight,
Miss a month of work, still get paid, in the ground's where the victims lay,

At work snatched by ICE raids, Families forced to separate
Kids come up in the foster state, the cycle gets to reciprocate
We can spend a billion dollars just to build some missiles ya'll
But can't provide the things the kids and teachers need at school in Fall

From California to Mississippi, all the way up to New York City,
All aboard if you're comin' with me, we're here to fight the hypocrisy,
Fight for those that don't get a chance, BAND YOUR HEAD IF YOU CAN'T DANCE
Stand for those that can't stand, KNEEL WHEN THEY PLAY THE ANTHEM

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you got to get this on the radio. its the heaviest protest rap since public enemys fight the power. this is the shit the kids need to hear. and the fact that the band is kicking ass cannot be denied any more than the statements being made.

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Throughout the years I've seen many bands trying to fuse, with minor or greater success, rap with metal and even though I was a fan of linkin park and some other acts that did it, including Within Temptation on Hydra I don't think any of them has ever been as successful as you have with this! It's a very compelling song, the instrumental is so on point it pierces, the vocals are clear and so well done I can identify every word - which for me is a problem with most rap as vocalists seem to want to speak faster and faster to a point where speech loses meaning and sense- and even get a true sense of melody. Not being a rap fan I am surprised as how much I enjoyed this and finished up wanting to listen again and then more from you. Congratulations. I will not forget you as I'm certain that I will want to collab in the future. (I don't say now, because I'm going through some personal stuff that may make it hard)

I'm a big fan of push back songs of all kinds and know that the most effective ones don't turn any ear away and that is the art of their greatness. Also, since within this type, rhyme is not as important as the message and rhythm so things can be adjusted. So since this is a demo and posted in the forums thread too, some of what could pull folks in more is for example to comment "Spiritual Leaders give them gonorrhea" unless of course you do hate specifically the Christian flavor of spiritual leader and not for example the ones throwing "gays" off roofs and by passing the whole gonorrhea thing. Then the racist comment of "in danger of not white" could be "if you're not right..." since, aside from the "news?", it's same race on same race abuse if one looks into it and rather than lighting someone up, "White" cops are engaging risky behavior in backing off and being "polite", -- as a former LEO, I have a special perspective and am the first to ID a bad shoot like in Chicago, NYC and California... the most Liberal of States according to the "news?". So the "ICE raids"... and "separate" line since entirely conflated "news?" "data", may get the greatness of your song dismissed if feel strongly to join that conflation. Falling under the white-knuckle fist of the alt-left-dems extremes will get this otherwise strong lyric, -- dismissed as "that", again.

(I am in favor of disbanding the FBI and have been for years as "Comey" demonstrates, -- in fact part of my training and in most 50 States on what NOT to do, is exampled by what the FBI has done, e.g., a famous bank robbery where the majority of them are killed since their badge heavy suites did not stop the bullets like the Superman Suite on "TV" and other never told stories of what not to do concerning the FBI, "were here to help you"... -- never, never is pretty accurate in "generalised" terms.) Anyway... Wink

Since the real protest folks I know are very interested in longitudinal communication and songs like "blowing in the wind", or "fight the power" allowing all the folks in the room to say "Amen" and *mean it and then rally. Well, unless is not for that purpose, then, skip it Wink -- my misunderstanding. But you do qualify it as a serious protest song for folks who are into them, so, there you go, and here I am.

Many in places like the "West Side", "SanFran" and etc., write for their rallies, like any Clan-ish rally and for their love only (not real protest songs), but this looks like a real "protest" song so figured this can all just be deleted if misdirected, otherwise may point out "inclusive language", void of divisive making "two wrongs", wrong again which is all we see now or have the past 3+ years until now, possibly.

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here here so much above! this needs ears around the world! top class!

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Right on, G! This is fantastic, sharp, on target, and a success on every level. I love the way you get deeper and deeper with every verse, and there are so many great lines here- as has been said in that first comment, this needs to get out there! (Lyric video on youtube, perhaps? who knows how you make something viral, I wish I knew.... this is great!

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Damn. This is right on the money. This this this this this this.