We Can Never Be Friends

We Can Never Be Friends



Liner Notes: 

Random chord progression formed from Newspaper headlines.

I haven't really worked on the intro and outro, it just starts then stops.

I wish I could do proper slide guitar.

It's kinda slow so when I was flicking through the tv channels and saw Friends (what are the chances). The title We Can Never Be Friends popped into my empty head.

Lyrics not here yet. May take a while I have quite a backlog. Anybody have any spare that can fit this music? Anybody?

Music M M Scullion ©2019

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kahlo2013's picture

That is really gorgeous! I love the richness and flow of the layers.

phoenixash's picture

Very good. I love the organ playing. It really moves me. It's a slow song but it has such strong energy and vitality. The title suggests something sad, so this is my filter for this melody... alternatively the title could suggest anger, but the overall melody really makes me feel sadness as two people realize that even though they want to they can never be friends.

billwhite51's picture

the slow majesty of the music tells me that you need an epic lyric to sail across these rich cascades of sound. Maybe something in the vein of early Procol Harum..