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I wanna be thin air
I wanna be focused
On slipping out
At a moment’s notice
Wanna disappear at will
Wanna disappear at will

Wanna come clean
And shed some light
On the places I was
I wanna be the night
Wanna disappear at will
Wanna disappear at will

You can look all you want
But you’ll never understand what I mean
Better let me go

I wanna blink fast
And rise above
I don’t wanna be loved
When I get undercover
Wanna disappear at will
Wanna disappear at will

So don’t expect
To see me out of blue
You can never trust your eyes
If your sight ent true
Wanna disappear
Wanna disappear
Wanna disappear at will

You can look at me all you want
And try to recall the dream
Better let me go

Better let me go

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Sounds sad but might be my perception. To me it sounds as if someone wants to go forever. Hope I'm wrong. Beautifully sad song.

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I like this point of view applique on the prompt. Solid vocal delivery. Well done on the skirmish!

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I love the personal, confessional feel - I can imagine listening to you play this in a coffeehouse.
I like the lightly propulsive way you strum. And your voice is quite the subtly dramatic instrument.

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Looking at the lyrics...I had to read all the way to unseen to get this first section...lol. Nice! Better let me go unseen...very strong message. Great job on the lyrics...I'm ready for the audio now...hold. Shuffle guitar...vocals...sounds good...wanna come clean and shed some light...disappear...unseen...good melody...don't expect me to be out in the blue...disappear...I'll need to hear this a couple of times to really pick out the lyrics. The second time through now...sounds really good...disappear at will...okay got it that time...better let me go unseen...dissapear at will...wanna...disapear at will...look at me all you want...better let me go unseen. ok, yes, very nice and I clearly got it that time. Pretty good shuffle on the guitar. It distracts the vocals a little bit but I can surely appreciate it as I don't think I can shuffle that fast. Very nice. Strong lyrics, guitar, and vocals.

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This has a lot of introspective intimacy that evokes a sense of distance and mystery. The lyric seems deceptively simple as it conveys to me a deep reality about a relationship(s) with self and other that seems at odds.

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love your sound and style. i like how the vocal contrasts with the fast guitar strumming, but as chip says, still with a light touch. really strong lyrics and tight write for a skirmish. well done indeed