This Morning is Glorious

This Morning is Glorious

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I haven't been able to add this song from my phone, so I will try this way. It's never been a problem before. I had to laugh when I was typing the words on my phone
that it changed it to hummingbirds farting! Smile


This Morning is Glorious
© 2019 Cindy Prince

It's early
The dew glistens
The garden spider is in her web

This morning
I stop to listen
A hummingbird darts by my head

I stand still
The birds chatter
The grass is wet on my feet

Today I will
Do things that matter
The life around me is so sweet

This morning is glorious
Nature is victorious
She has captured my attention
Today is divine
With the scent of the pines
And so many things I haven't mentioned

The morning light
Is getting stronger
The dew is beginning to disappear

So many sights
It's what I've longed for
My personal heaven is right here

Repeat chorus

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Beautiful! So much imagery, and some powerful lines. "Do things that matter", especially. And the line "so many things I haven't mentioned" - captures that feeling of being immersed in the senses with an overflowing heart.

Hummingbird Farts could be a song of it's own!

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Yes, what a lovely worldview image! I can feel it!