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Liner Notes: 

I do enjoy playing about with the sequencer / arpeggiator controls in Ableton Live. There are hours of fun to be had.

Given that the world has apparently gone completely mad, I need something to cheer myself up.


Idiots are suited to a place right at the top
provided those beneath control the fool
The problems all arise when that control comes to a stop
and the Idiot-In-Chief thinks he can rule

For modern politicians, self-belief is all you need
Diplomacy they think is overrated
They have but one priority: to satiate their greed
Claiming that we love them, but they're hated

The only way this planet will survive this sort of man
is fast becoming obvious to me
We gather them together in the smallest room we can
and lock the door and throw away the key...

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musicsongwriter's picture

Very strong rocking political song. Very interesting vocals and instrumentation. Different from what I heard from you before but very likable as all your songs Chris. Powerful work. I could listen for a longer time Smile

kahlo2013's picture

I really love the energy in the music you have created as it draws me right in and gets me fired up! And the sentiment it something to get fired up about. The smooth serious intensity of the vocals add to the urgency and importance of the message. Well done!

billwhite51's picture

one of the few good political songs addressing current issues. the arrangement is as intelligent and well directed as the lyric. ruly superior work.

sbs2018's picture

Our world rewards Narcissists way too often. It’s dangerous and anybody who has had firsthand experience with one knows the destruction. And, yes, our tech world gives idiots in or out of politics a voice that probably shouldn’t be heard outside of one”s living room - lol! And this from me, formerly from Silicon Valley, the land of innovation and money making without a conscience. Oh my, I didn’t realize I was going to be so vocal. Love your vocal delivery and instrumentation in this.

phoenixash's picture

Another thrilling and engaging heavy electronic song. I have said before but your whispery vocals are incredible, I wish I could do that. The melody between verses seems to want to explode into a chorus of some sort which for me is very satisfying when it doesn't because it keeps the tension level high. Very high. I love it. The lyrics for me are such a proper report of what's going on in my country that I can't even describe how well you pinned it down, although my solution for this problem is a little more final hahahahaahahahah

Again... sexy voice.

Dragondreams's picture

Jaw. Dropped.
This is superb in every respect. The intelligent lyric, choice of instruments, the mix, the arrangement, your vocal delivery, and the overall performance. I love, love, LOVE this song!

sph's picture

Right now am not able to listen to this but the words are so true! Will come back later to hear it.