It’s A Long Ride

It’s A Long Ride

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Liner Notes: 

In honor of International Strange Music Day I thought I would do sort of a slow echoey round using one guitar arpeggio track and two vocal tracks. Sorta fits with my electric cars musical idea with songs from the point of view of the car(s). Inspired based on our first electric car being ordered from the Smart factory in Hambach France and shipped by truck and boat with long rides and lots of sitting. Listener beware.


It’s A Long Ride {Simone}
Guitar tuning EADGAE

It’s a long truck ride
From Hambach to Marseilles France
I’ve never been there
Load shifts from side to side in a strange dance
In this dark night

It’s a long boat ride
From Marsilles France to Miami Florida
I’ve never been there
Boat shifts up and down in a strange aura
In this dark room

It’s a long truck ride
From Miami to Naples Florida
I’ve never been there
Load shifts from side to side in a strange dance
Into this delivery room

It’s a long ride
It’s a long ride
It’s a long ride
It’s a long ride

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sounds so good with headphones. those trucks making a tunnel through my head.

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Def for headphones. I'm already inspired. Don't know bout this strange day, guess every day and one are strange anyway. Never been to those places u mention but kinda already there.

Congrats on getting an electric car; I've been driving a hybrid for six months now, and I'm loving the experience. Road trips can be fun, but I prefer staying at home making music Biggrin

Guitar is swirly and spooky, and fits in with the vocal treatment perfectly. The percussive playing gives the guitar a hammered dulcimer kind of vibe that I really dig. Nice!

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Great use of effects here for sure.
So swirly.
Definitely headphone music.
The echo and other effects remind me of "highway hypnosis"; just staring at the center line........
Great work!!

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Agree that the swirly spooky nature of this is very effective and a perfect contribution to the Strange Songs collection. The different elements from the echoing layers to the rhythmic elements provide a great backdrop for the words.

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Works for the purpose of yesterday.
I've found that I have a fondness of phaser/flanger/delay. The swirl and phase is hypnotic.
I also find that the songs of yours I heard from the perspective of the vehicle make that vehicle a bit...endearing. Almost in a cutesy kind of way, like Herbie.
Experiencing the vehicle's experiences, going with it from one point to another. The listener roots for the vehicle, is almost happy and doting over it. Like a pet.

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I like the trancey effect of this. That very slow pinging arpeggio grounds the the overall experience in a meditative way. But it still feels dream-like and untamed and a little dizzying, as all those voyages into the unknown might feel to a sentient vehicle.

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Love those vocals - I was not expecting those effects at all. Trippy as heck. And the effects on the guitar are making the whole thing pulse like crazy. I like hearing from the car's point of view.

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Trippy! Super trippy! I like it. I love the echoing and the altered voices.