Travelin' Fool

Travelin' Fool

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Liner Notes: 

I've written, at last count, too many songs about bees. I've also done a fair number about spiders, flies, and various other insects. But this-- I was leaving a comment on someone's song and I had to cancel it so I could use the line here.

Also, I'm under seven kinds of heavy duty stress, so the fun of International Strange Music Day is helping me fight the good fight.

Also, loosely*based on someone else's true story


Traveling internationally
you meet odd folk socially
or sometimes it's you who's the weirdo--
you don't know you're being impolite
or plain wrong over a social convention
a country's strong tradition
but still you're behaving poorly

like the time I was in Rome, and it was hot
we got shagged out walking around
my Roman friend asked if I'd like a coffee to revive me
Of course! I smiled, I'd heard great things about coffee in Rome
but hadn't had the chance yet

he said he knew a place
the best cup of coffee I'd ever taste
so we turned down a side street at 1pm
he led me in through a dark door
then down a winding staircase
we entered a strangely shaped room
lit with golden sconces that moved

I heard humming, and saw some folks dancing to soft music
they all wore the same outfits, they all talked at once
and let me tell you, it's not as much fun as you'd guess
being inside a hip hive coffeehouse
ordering a honey latte
and having the bees all diss me because I was supposed to order
espresso after 11am--

milk is considered breakfast food
the bees called me a baby, since I wanted milk so bad
in the afternoon

so I ordered an espresso with lemon
and fuck, yeah, it was gooood.
But those bees are still assholes.

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I can't stand need when they are around me and wasps are worst. Interesting random lyrics work perfectly.

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This comes across as a film noir monologue - though in this case I guess film jeune et noir would be more appropriate. This doesn't seem strange until you hit the 'I heard humming ...' section and then your perspective is totally switched. That's nicely done.

I could imagine Fuzzy doing this as one of his spoken word tracks.

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These lyrics strike the exact right combination of humour and surrealism.
Hmmm..... I just saw @atitlan's comment; I was thinking I could use this as a spoken word bit as I was reading it....
I might just do that, if it's OK with you....

Love the way this is presented so that it might be a metaphor, or it might just be literal...

The whole "only drinking latte for breakfast" thing seems to be the same across most of Europe, in my experience. I *like* latte; I refuse to be judged by the time of day at which I drink it—which might be why I'm laughing at "sometimes it's you who's the weirdo" because it's *always* me, every time.

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BeeCore, yes! I love this in so many ways. I will check back to see if @Fuzzy adds spoken word - I hope that happens!

I didn't realize espresso with lemon was a thing - I would not know what to do with that.

Love that line "the bees called me a baby". That made me laugh Smile