Beep Boop

Beep Boop

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Liner Notes: 

Okay, here's my second entry for International Strange Music Day;

This one's full of beepy and boopy goodness!!!

It's about 4:45 minutes long.

I definitely recommend headphones.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


Oooh, I like this. It's strangely soothing and I could have listened to a much longer version. Mysterious voices drifting across the ether, interrupting signals from some weird intelligence carrying information that is not ours to know. What's not to like? I'd be tempted to throw in some microtonal intervals for added strangeness (à la Apples In Stereo's Pythagorean scales - if you've not heard them, enjoy: )

This also reminds me of the hearing tests I used to have at school. Did I pass?

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I beeped in harmony. I feel this song in my spleen, and it's a good feeling.

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This takes me to another place where there is no time. Pretty hypnotic. And strange for sure. Those beeps are gently pounding my brain into transcendental mush. Smile This deserves applause.

Without headphones on my Galaxy S7 it was awesome sauce. With headphones it was beyond this world!

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Yup cool with the phones on with bops flying everywhere! Cool and hypnotic!

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Wow, Fuzzy, it’s a masterpiece! So evocative, like I’m living inside some other reality I’ve never experienced firsthand, so my imagination is hyper-engaged. A ballet of sound, with weighty implications. Loved it.

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Beep boop, indeed. This is oddly compelling from the outset. Those beeps and boops give the piece a pulsing vibe and a sort of 'melody', if I can use the word. And then all the other stuff adds flavor and keeps it interesting. It's weird and it works--yeah, applause is merited

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Very cool environmental piece.. I love the sense of space and subtle slow energy that is punctuated by surprise bursts and blips that keep the anticipation strong. This would be so cool as part of an art installation piece where the musical blips and bleeps coordinates with various visual effects. It has a bit of an unerring yet mesmerizing quality about it that I really like.

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Fitting for the challenge.
The beeps drew me in, the voices lend the strange and uneasiness. Atmospheric.
Still cohesive, somehow.

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The beeps and boops create a false sense of calm - great contrast with the ominous voices and croaking. Cool sounds coming and going along the way!

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Like the Ryoji Ikeda microsound sorta thing. Love this stuff.

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Isn't every day strange music day? This is initially very Eno-ish, but also unsettling, probably due to the voices grinding away in the background. Eerie. Like a vampire symphony!

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That beep boop reminds of something, but I can't place it...
Not quite the same, but that's what's stuck in my head now. It also sounds like a code, or an alien language, so it all ties together in my head now.
Whew! Glad I figured that out. It would've kept me up all night.
When you're finished with the translation, let me know what it means.
I dig it!

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It's like those dark voices try to tell something, and they try their best to be heard, but they fail expressing what they need. What? Clapping at the end? That was unexpected! I could listen to this for a long time, it sounds... familiar in a way. Did not scare me off, maybe it's because of those beep boop sounds!

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I've only made one pass so far, on low volume. Even so, the space is really evident.
Looking forward to listening using headphones.

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Despite the creepy sounds and backwards pitch shifted voices, I found this quite hypnotic and relaxing. It's nice to hear you experimenting with beepy sounds!

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Got the headphones on, along for the ride.
Years ago, I went to a Philip Glass art/music exhibit - you'd walk around a big room filled with speakers and make your own music by activating a note associated with each speaker. I'm pleasantly transported back to that experience.
The voices are fascinating, like I should be able to hear what they are talking about but can't.

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This is actually how I imagine aliens first communicating with us, or at least how will the first time we intercept their communication be. Cause it really reminded me that scene in Man of Steel where the Kryptonians in the ship take hold of the tvs and stuff - it was my favorite bit in that movie as it was quite scary and sublime at the same time - this also has this feel. Very hypnotic indeed, I was seriously trying to figure out what they were saying, but my mind is just not with them. Awesome work, strange indeed.