There's already a song about Spam

There's already a song about Spam

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Liner Notes: 

Of course, the music must be dramatic here. Of course, the last half of the last line is to a familiar tune...

also *based on a true story


Wanting to have a cup of hot tea, I went to the cupboard
and found no more tea. I sang my frustration with
lukewarm intensity
lukewarm isn't hot enough to make good tea

so I typed into Google, Songs about Tea
there were thousands of thousands I heard
some mentioned sugar, few spoke of cream
even fewer mentioned that titan, Darljeeling
the fools, with their weak tea notes
it was, IMO, blasphemy

I fell into a mood that could only be cured
by singing a new song of tea, real tea (the trumpets start here)
that brews red and deep
tea with bite and purpose (the drums get bolder now)
tea that can't be diluted and bottled
a tea to cure all ills
tea to cleanse the very soul
glorious, immaculate tea!

sing it now-- tea, tea, tea, tea, teeeeeeeeeea

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Intriguing! I am so ready for the music!

Totally get that "a tea to cure all ills" line. I *always* feel better after I've had a mug of Taylors of Harrogate's "Yorkshire Tea". Six minute brew; tea in first; one sugar. And a chocolate digestive biscuit or two to go with it. Although if I'm feeling in the mood for something a little less shouty, sencha is my normal go-to.

And you HAVE to get your cat to duet on the demo for this, now. Make it so!

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Looking forward to your music with your cat and trumpets . Very cool looking lyrics.

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No tea?!? I hate it when that happens.
“tea with bite and purpose”
I want to hear the music that backs that line up! I’m really just an Earl Grey with sugar and almond milk kind of person, but I know there’s a whole world I’m missing.

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I wonder what the music will sound like for these. Even more, I wonder how the rhythm of the vocals will go, or what style this song will be.
One of my friends is a tea person, and I look to her for advice whenever I am tired of unflavorful brown water. I desire a strong taste, something that makes me FEEL it.
No more "weak tea notes".

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I can almost hear the build up with the trumpets and drums! "Lukewarm intensity" is a great line, especially coupled with the line after it.

I love my black tea - I have some every day after lunch.