He Forgot The Delicious Chicken!

He Forgot The Delicious Chicken!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, this guy had lost track of time. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


He Forgot The Delicious Chicken

He Forgot The Delicious Chicken
He didn't take it out of the stove
He Forgot The Delicious Chicken
Now it looks pretty gross

He didn't know what had happened
He went in their to examine
He had burned a fine meal
Obviously he was standing still


After cleaning up he opened the refrigerator
He'll be having sandwiches for supper
He is taking out the cold meatloaf
The plate is wandering around getting close

It wasn't an easy decision
Cos his dog was running out of the kitchen
As he chopped at the hamburger
Saying he was going a little further

He bit into the bread
It froze up in his chest
Then his dog was also fed
He was then mislead
He acted like he wanted to forget

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Just the title had me rolling laughing. I like the story, and the consequences, I wouldn't mind another verse!