Liner Notes: 

Here's my contribution to International Strange Music Day. I blogged about Patrick Grant's wonderful initiative here:

While I was clearing my father's house ready for its new owners, I found a couple of harmonicas in a drawer that were older then me: a "Chromatic" and an "Echo-Luxe" made by M. Hohner back in the 50s. This track is probably the first time they've been played in several decades, because the last time I can remember Dad playing them was in the 60s. After recording this, I remember exactly why I don't play instruments that involve blowing into them, hence the title.

And to add to the wall-of-sound results, I added some 9-string guitar played with an e-bow. Enjoy!

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


kahlo2013's picture

Whoa! Love the punch this starts with and the full buzzy rich guitar. Nice noodling! That jaw harp like sound adds a cool layer and when your harmonica come in it soars with a wonderful sound. Nice combination of sounds and awesome powerful delivery.

musicsongwriter's picture

Cool sounds, busy, dynamic, creative and atmospheric. So wonderful to hear all the offerings for Strange Music Day!

corinne54's picture

This is harmonicas? Now that IS strange! Wink Nicely done

atitlan's picture

Once upon a time there was the blues .... And then ...

You've conjured some great sounds out of those harmonicas ... I like the way this walks a tightrope between the recognisability of the form and the strangeness of the textures.

billwhite51's picture

help. we are under attack from the international hamonica army. return to base immediatly. blitzkreig warning. heavy barrage high harmonica tone entering at 1 minute 13 seconds from western skies. drop payload and scatter..

splittybooms's picture

Its cool that you're friends with the creator.
Even cooler is the story of your father's harmonicas.
Perfect drum patterns with the sound you've created from your discovery.
The return from the breakdown gives me mixed feelings.
Influenced by the story of you finding your father's instruments - a sad joy.
You playing them and producing this - freedom and elation.
This is a gem of a piece on many levels for this listener.

Klaus's picture

The combination of you and harmonica sounded really odd and strange but now after hearing the demo it actually works. Harmonica blends surprisingly well with modern guitar and synth sounds. The simplicity of the tune puts sounds more to the front. This is like space blues and very enjoyable at that too! Smile

Fuzzy's picture

Haha you play harmonica the way I do; as a drone instrument!
I like this a lot - like an ambient track after it has discovered that it can be a rock tune if it wants to.
I'm enjoying the reverbified guitar floating above the whole thing.
I truly enjoyed this one a lot.
So nice!!!

lowhum's picture

Sounds very much like a favourite Aquarium song. Evokes a dreamy dawn swimful atmosphere. Chillingly cinematic to the skin and bones.

barbara's picture

Beautiful processing of sounds! These harmonicas have been reborn; their wait was long, but how fulfilling to have ended up with you. Such a triumphant kind of beauty to the piece.

TomS's picture

Glorious. There is much strange Eno in your zen, Chris. Smile

phoenixash's picture

When it said harmonica this was definitely not what I expected. It's incredibly dancey and groovy. Very creative use and mix of the instruments.

pfoo's picture

Those are the trippiest harmonicas I've ever heard - creates quite an atmosphere! Tons of cool layers on this song - I especially love the sound of the harmonicas floating over the fuzzy guitar.

standup's picture

Very nice, such a huge sound from the harmonicas. Lots of potential here, you should use them MORE. On EVERYTHING. From now until the end of 50/90.

sph's picture

Somewhere I have an Hohner Echo-Luxe from my Grandmother. Have to dig it out. But you set the bar quite high!
Edit: space blues as Klaus said

Terrific blow, in spite of the title. All kinds of beauty in this mix. Could listen to this all day.

metalfoot's picture

Aptly named song. It's beautiful. Space blues is right. You've just invented a new genre!