Every Day (All I Want to do is Poop)

Every Day (All I Want to do is Poop)

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Liner Notes: 

three yer old estrella on harmonica and vocals. papa willy on guitar and vocals. one take improv


Im a little dog
And all I want to do
Is poop
Every day

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Haha, very humorous tale on the challenge. Cute vocals and nice improvisation. I like your harmonica too. Randomness works.

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This is delightful and silly and strange and awesome. I love the giggles and your duet partner is fabulous! Fun harmonica and sound effects.

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Lovely, just lovely. A children's song under construction. It's so nice and heartwarming to hear how your daughter responds to you. She's quite a musician already. Smile

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I was a substitute teacher for many years and so am very aware of the appeal that hearing about poop has for little kids.
I like the improv/kitchen table jam nature of this.
The stops and starts are great, too.
The counting to ten devolving in to the tickle chant is funny.

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The joy of participation heard from the child. Moved something within.
That aside, the kid's harmonica timing is better than mine would ever be. There is actually a nice little song here when you really go in with the guitar and vocals, and the harmonica playing is spot on as-is in my opinion.

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Truly delightful! Thank you for sharing the evolving collaboration. Such a fun way to connect and essentially build your own games together. Charming little rewrite by Estrella at the end. Also catchy enough to be stuck in my head now, which is gonna make me smile whenever it returns!

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Well, congrats. Yours still acknowledges poop as they do. I have to fight teenage angst and snotty 6 year old repercussions. Nobody wants to play with me anymore. We might come to Lima one day with little old Igor as suitors or musicians if the bride is underprepared. Smile good fun you're having, greetings!
Just forgot to say it summons as always the international political situation as we speak ad lib.

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Haha - every day! Hearing your daughter laugh just makes this song. Oh, my dog just wandered over! I'm not kidding - maybe she wants to go out.

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This is absolutely precious, Bill. Smile

Such a loveable duo! Really enjoyed this! Hey I have such a dog too!