Synthetic Synaptic Strangeness in Celebration of International Strange Music Day

Synthetic Synaptic Strangeness in Celebration of International Strange Music Day

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Liner Notes: 

Not all that strange but combined different elements to hopefully create something new that is okay to listen to.

It is an urgent tribute to the Amazon Rainforest.


Some morphed voice thrown in but no lyrics

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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cellos on bora bora. if that isnt trnge, then i dont know what strange is

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Very cool busy track. I like the main motif and the instrumentation. Nice layers and good rhythm, it all works beautifully. Inspiring instrumental Liz.

This really, *really* got my head bobbing. An infectious groove if ever there was one. Cellos, brass, and sixties percussion: a match made in heaven. Downloaded this one for the car!

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More than ok to listen to. I like all the different sounds and sections. Music is varied and in constant motion, very dynamic music. With the horns, this actually sounds a lot like music for the latest James Bond movie. Smile

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Indeed ok to listen to.
I would listen to this again.
Expert merging of layers, cutting here and adding there, making it interesting throughout. Excellent choices when it comes to the drums/percussion.
Big sounds; full production.
I haven't heard this kind of music from you before, unless I have forgotten (I always forget things). ...But of course that is one of the points of strange music day. And if you indeed don't usually make music like this, then even higher kudos for executing this so well. I enjoyed this very much.

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Hey, great choice of instruments here for sure.
Wonderful percussive groove.
Lots of nice layers to keep my ears busy.
Yeah, so good!

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Wow, maybe not so strange, however, well done on arrangement, recording, and production!

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Watch out for those (environ)mental zulus while you drink your Pepsi! The drama amazon queers are here!

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Really great variety in the arrangement and a fantastically lively beat. I know some of those loops, and you’ve combined them in your own unique way to make them feel new to me. I listened last night without reading your liner notes; came back today to leave comment and saw the rainforest tribute before listening again. This made me notice the comings and goings of the nature sounds. Very effective. I was kind of hoping the ending would be just those birds for a second or two, to leave us with the naked sweetness of what’s at stake. Really enjoyed this!

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This is really cool, the core thing being samba I immediately identified as something relating to Brazil. I usually read the liner notes at the end of the listening cuz I want to have a pure opinion. But immediately and throughout I heard samba, soccer commercials. Typical brazilian instruments, and to make it all avant gard the all the mixture of electronic music is just incredible. Great work with this... it in fact made my country feel more like home.

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This is excellent! I was so busy dancing on my first listen that I didn't notice the bird and insect sounds. Great job stitching this together into a cohesive, super cool song.

Amazing choice of instruments in a nice juicy mix! VERY creative use of rhythm. Ooo I really enjoyed this a lot!