Black Mass

Black Mass

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Liner Notes: 

I made this track for International Strange Music Day;

It's not really a Black Mass - it's a reading of the original version of "The Battle Of Maldon", a poem in Old English about the defeat of a Viking raiding party by a group of East Saxons on August 11th, 991.

But I think it works pretty well as the soundtrack to some kind of eldritch demon-summoning ceremony.

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OK. What should I do with the demon that's now sitting in my living room? Smile

This is suitably weird. The vocal processing is excellent ....

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Very scary indeed ... and reciting that poem was an inspired idea. Oh, those halcyon days of 991! That slowed-down voice is insanely creepy, and that organ is deliciously B-movie-ish. I would love to use this as opening music for a performance!

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Creative, creepy, and chilling with the instrumentation and vocal effects that are captivating. Perfect response to the challenge!

Suitably strange. Particularly the vocals, which have a distinct Christopher Lee vibe going on. The backing has a suitably malign feel to it as well. Nicely done!

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The spoken word certainly adds to the creepiness! Eek!

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Strange, spooky, suspicious, scary, and suspenseful. Before I read liner notes I thought this was in Norwegian, something that those young men with their hair dyed black chant before another church burning. Smile

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Great title to play with and a great way to deliver it, certainly was a bit strange but pretty darned good

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Great seriousness, honor, and pride in that reading. Spooky because I can’t be sure we’re on the same side, and I think this is a formidable, not-un-Klingon-like sensibility so I know enough to be afraid. Bravo on having Old English at your command, and for the vocal processing that made you 8 feet tall and scary, and clearly with a horde behind you, or before you.

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The quintessence of strange. Like that doesn't describe nearly everything I've heard of yours. Smile

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It does not disappoint as a Black Mass, even though it's not. The strangeness of the language plus the incredible soundtracky backing does make it all feel like a demonic summoning. I may or may not have lit some candles around the lap top and may or may not be expecting something to rise up and do my biding

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That is cool. Seriously sounds like the devil has shown up. I did put on headphones - has an unsettling, moving, throbbing, lilting feel - which is meant as a compliment.

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Ah yes, the death metal octave vocals are primo! Not sure what they're saying. Actually, not sure this sounds like a victory. .Are you sure they won?

But damn fine sound here. Love the panning. And the gutteral vocals.

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I'm going to play this for my church friends. Bet they'd love it!
That organ sound is giving me the creeps.
And the voices... {shudder}
Love it!

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This has an abyssal feel - not sure where it comes from, but it's terrifying. The title definitely fits here : I can picture a silent choir of insectoid robots waiting for the overlord to complete his performance before they make their voices heard. Love it.

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Intrigued by the title - it conjured that feeling of dread when I used to listen to Paranoid by Black Sabbath on vinyl as a kid. Felt like something I shouldn't be enjoying, and that's what I liked it.
Giving this one a second listen now. Yes, it's strange indeed, and also theatrical, creepy good fun.