Simple Things (1:25)

Simple Things (1:25)

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the smell of freshly mowed grass
a gift card to feel well
the taste of freshly ground coffee
and sweet caramel

simple things
make you survive
simple things
make you survive
simple things
make you survive
this life

a friendly smile
a colorful painting
a walk at dusk
no need for waiting

simple things
make you survive
simple things
make you survive
simple things
make you survive
this life

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Ok, the start of an EP or album. Interesting musication!

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Pop with a distinct off-kilter feel to the verses - makes the chorus catch the attention more.

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I wasn't expecting that music but soon began to feel it and love it!

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Lovely lyrics; so true.
This one is simply wonderful.
So dense with musical goodness.
Great in the headphones.
I am impressed!

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Agreed...simpler things are definitely missing from my life currently. This rather trippy-sounding. I like the FX of the wind/snow storm. It's effective and brilliant. Really glad to have you back on the scene, man.

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Great to hear you again, my friend. Perfect and on point. Loving the whole thing but the playful mallet sound is my fave part, and the reminder of freshly cut lawn from earlier today! .
Still not sure I fully "understand" this 1 minute + song form though... lol!
Wishing you a happy productive summer ahead.

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This is great! I love that little two note echoey beepy sound. The major chord with the voices at the end of the chorus on "life" is a great touch. It's like the song itself is pausing to enjoy the simple things.

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What great things you do with that mellotron. Underpins the whole song in a very catchy way.

Again, your harmony vocals on this are really cool and they're sitting perfectly in the mix. All three of your songs that I've listened to this year are a step change upward from previous years, and you were damn good before; you must have got a bucketload of fresh mojo along with that new keyboard!

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Oh yeah

this is a gem of a lyric
music is a nice serprise
great quality on the production

hope you do collabs

Verh nice

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I love the timbres that you use, except the very first... it sounds like an electronic blizzard. That's a personal thing though... too harsh for me. I love the mellotron and that tone block that pops in near the end. Your music makes me feel a little off kilter, but in the best of ways.