I Forgot You Existed (1:14)

I Forgot You Existed (1:14)

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Liner Notes: 

The title was inspired by a list of leaked song titles by someone very famous who released her album yesterday (her version turns out to be totally different luckily).


endless summer rains
color the sky grey
after our dim evenings
there is nothing more to say

I forgot you existed
I forgot you existed

no sign of life
nothing to declare
a total lockdown
are you still there?

I forgot you existed
I forgot you existed

seasons come and go
people die and babies grow

I never missed it
I forgot you existed
hopelessly drifted
I forgot you existed

sometimes I dream back
into distant reveries
when the grass was still green
the future bright and clean

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Great sampled demo, orchestration, and sound, great vocal treatment.

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Alway good to see your name in the song list.

This is typical Rob from Amersfoort - short, catchy as hell and musically idea dense.

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i like those psychedelic instrumental breaks. the title is great and makes a catchy refrain.

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This is so oddly funky. You set up that hard-charging refrain really nicely with that sort of halting beat in the beginning. This is great--short but fully satisfying. (I forgot you existed, Rob, but I'm glad you've made an appearance at last)

Fuzzy's picture

I always appreciate the care and detail you put in to your recording, production, and mix, Rob.
And of course, your quirky sense of humour.
There's so much greatness going on here.

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At last I hear your new songs!!! So glad you are back. Love the quirky, funky, moody and humorous feel here.

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Very enjoyable song; love the feel and bounce to the track.

cts's picture

Oh yeah - definitely has the hook I was waiting to hear! Still skillful as ever with the production and I'm not sure who the female artist is who released something new, but man, I'm digging this!

Ferry Colyer's picture

Funky indeed, at times Prince came to mind. Lots going on to enjoy, lyrics included. Can't believe it's as short as it is. You put lots in a short song, it feels like it's two minutes at least!

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Nice rhythm in the chorus that you can dance to, wonderful production with lots of details, and melody and chords that sound fresh. The chorus is very catchy too. Very enjoyable and it's good to hear your music again.

So cool - I love your writing and production so much, a new song from you is always a joy to hear. The subtle vocal harmonies on this stand out for me; they give the song a much wider texture, if that makes sense.

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This is so well polished! Great timbres and rhythmic layering. I love the mix and the filter on your voice. The lyrics are fun too. I'd like to forget a few people existed.

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Love it. I came here because of the Mellotron tag, and I like it. Cool rhythm break down at the end. The chorus is really catchy, very smooth sound. I like how everything is aggressively filtered. Really cool sounds. And the arrangement is excellent, changes in feeling, builds, never a dull moment.