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Liner Notes: 

Song Skirmish
PROMPT: Limitation changing to Breakthrough. It may hinder it or inspire it or whatever the relationship is.

I spent a lot of time trying to pretend like I wasn't still the girl who grew up in a small Texas town. I thought of it as a limitation but I like how now that I am grown, I see the beauty in it.

On a personal note, this 50/90 has been rocky for me. This is only song #6 and I had lofty goals. Gonna keep on plugging away, though. I am grateful that I get to write in this community and your feedback has been lovely. 6 is better than 0!

p.s. I'd love to collaborate with someone. Message me!


by Ariana Terrell Evans

I am my mother's child, I am my father's girl.
I was the golden child who lost her way
My feet are stained with red
From the iron in my home town clay
The kind that weighs me down and makes me stay

No matter where I go
I can't shake who I am
It's distilled in the blood
Like yes sir and yes ma'am

I miss the shaded pines, I miss the sun warmed lake
I miss the mud streaked, wild woods days
I miss you crazy laugh, I miss the quiet hours
I miss being seen for once in the crowd

No matter where I go
I can't shake who I am
It's distilled in the blood
Like yes sir and yes ma'am

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Solid structure! That chorus - that chorus is everything; especially the last line. That's gold. Your delivery is gold and again, the chorus just seals the entire piece tightly. That's not to take away from the verses, by the way.

Nice work!

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Beautiful song with true emotions and wonderful singing and playing.
I would love to collaborate with you.

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Well focused lyric with a cool smoky vocal. I want to sing along with this one. Love this! "No matter where I go" soars...wow. Give rose

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Texas has been home to some of the countrys finest songwritersm and this is a fine addition to the lexicon of Texas song. Your performance is more authentic than much of the so called americana making the rounds these days.

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So true. So much of who we are comes from how we grow up. Beautiful tune and great lyrics. Awesome skirmishing!

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This is absolutely lovely. I really mean it. It evokes such a sense of nostalgia in me. It reminds me of all that beautiful 60s folk rock that I loved listening to when I was younger and some of the hymns I sang in church, and that's really odd, because I can totally hear the Texas in this song, but I'm from southern NY. It's got a pretty universal feel to it, and the lyrics, just brilliant!

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It's distilled in my blood is SUCH a powerful line. Your deep voice is just so gorgeous. It soars in the chorus and weaves beautiful melodies throughout. Very good.

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Oh this is so beautifully soulful and insightful. I love how the melody soars and how your vocals draw out such emotion. Phrasing is perfect I like how you come back to the first part of V1 as an outro. Very effective bookend.

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Love the contrast between verse and chorus. You have some kind of range to pull that off. Good take on the prompt. Thanks for coming out to play.