Pardon Me

Pardon Me

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Liner Notes: 

Not sure where this came from!


Pardon Me

Pardon me yourur slip is showing
Isn't that what they say
Pardon me your boat needs rowing
Unless you'd rather not row today

Pardon me your alligator's snappy
Maybe he's in a bad mood
Pardon me your Mother-in-law's unhappy
Or does she like being rude

Pardon me your chocolates melting
Soon it will be chocolate soup
Pardon me your books need shelving
Or do you like them in a stacked in a group

Pardon me your trees needs hugging
No reason for you to wait
Pardon me if this song is bugging
Oops you read it so it's too late! :)

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Ha ha. This is cute! And it's amusing...very fun. "Pardon me" is so formal and then you provide a bunch of informal's a nice mixture there. And the last line is a great "gotcha" line!

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Beautiful rhyming Cindy. Your song made me smile. Very clever lyrics.