The Shadow Pool

The Shadow Pool

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Technicolor Gramophone Records: The Shadow Pool

Liner Notes: 

Inspired by a summery dip in the pool.


There's a shadow
on the floor of the pool
and I know what you'll say
you'll say it was my shadow
but this shadow
was moving independently
of me
and then it wrestled me
and drowned me
and now I'm dead, you see
which proves my theory
so shut up

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Well, damn, I'm not a big fan of swimming in lakes and oceans cos I was somehow allowed to see "Jaws" by myself in the theater when I was ten years old.
So I was happy to move in to a house with a pool a few years ago so I could feel comfortable swimming.
Thanks, now I'm afraid of the pool, too.
Gonna be constantly looking for shadows from now on.

I'm really loving the crazy guitar work here.
And the killer bass.
And the excellent vocals.
Hahaha, great ending!
One of my favourites from you this summer!

fresh spotless youth's picture

You use the "weird" tag more judiciously than you could, probably. Alright! Nice groove here. I figure you need to work on a special line dance for this song. I actually laughed out loud as I got my mind around that "proves my theory" bit. This is a dance party waiting to happen. Let me know when you got the line dance worked out

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as FSY says this could be a line dance. with that bass and drum...but it could also be a ballet. an underwater ballet/
as Fuzzy says, guitar and vocals are excellent. i agree with him that its one of your best efforts.and that is high praise indeed. but your songs do keep getting better and better.

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This could definitely be a song from a MST3K movie Smile

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Oh how I love to dance to horrible grim stories. And this is danceable, dramatic and a horrible grim story at the same time. Loved it!

coolparadiso's picture

I read the lyrics first and had a giggle at their harshness. Drums drive this on and some nice weird and wonderful voices everywhere. Cool stuff.

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Very cool drum and bass. Fun and doom in one song. That doom sounds pretty serious in both the wall of (solo)guitars at the end and the fun..I love it when I have to laugh about something weird and stylish; like that ending.