All That's Left is a Broken Heart

All That's Left is a Broken Heart

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Liner Notes: 

Ya know heart, apart, start are way over used rhymes, but I was at the gym yesterday and heard a song that rhymed "fall apart" with "heart" and it kind of I stole that. LOL Picked out some of my new guitar loops to use and let them speak the story and melody to me.


All That’s Left is a Broken Heart
Susan Cantey © 2019

Went to Vegas to marry my honey
At the table I lost all my money
Went to the chapel, but he never showed
Back in our room I found a farewell note

Sometimes things fall apart
And all that’s left is a broken heart
Better stop and never start
If all that’s left is a broken heart

When I got home, I needed a change
Nothing seemed right, everything was strange
Quit my job and got in my car
Ran out of gas, I didn’t get far



All that’s left is a broken heart….

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This surprised me! Fun pop sound and nice use of guitar loops! I clicked without reading anything and was expecting a gorgeous piano ballad expounding and instead a got a cool love lost pop song! Thanks for the surprise!

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Cool song: angelic vocals and punchy guitar and bass are a great formula!