I'll Fight for you

I'll Fight for you

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Liner Notes: 

Another Collaboration with Sumi.
We released this last week.


I'll Fight For You
© Sumi 2019


You gotta tell me
What's gotten into you
Lately, You've been saying
You're feeling the blues

I hear you saying
For the tenth time, it's the last time
You wanna be away from home
Yet two days later
You pull out no stops
To make feel all alone

I don't wanna blame
Don't feel ashamed
We ain't feeling no glue
But I'll fight for you

I know I deserve more
And so do you
Tell me, what's gotten to you
I know you can't be crazy
Tell me, baby
And I'll fight for you

Maybe we won't make it
Maybe we will
Who can tell tomorrow's tale?
You gotta see what we have
Over what we don't
Our dreams ain't for sale

I don't wanna blame
Don't feel ashamed
We ain't feeling no glue
But I'll fight for you

Yeah, baby
I know it's sounds crazy
But I'm still crazy for you
I'm waiting
For you to tell me
And I'll fight for yo

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musicsongwriter's picture

Beautiful bluesy vibes and collaboration. I love the reachness of the sound. You both made me smile. Thank you.

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this is one fantastic arrangement for a blues ballad. reminds me of the influence Chopin and Debussy had on Bud Powell

kc5's picture

Killer! My gracious, this is gorgeous! Very bluesey, smooth vocals as ALWAYS! Love the vocal melody. You two are really smashing it!

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There you are with your beautiful brilliant self! Sumi is wonderful!! Give rose

Nice! I like me some blues. That piano is lovely. Great vocal. Really good arrangement. "We ain't feeling no glue" Love that line. The lyrical theme is good. Maybe we will/Maybe we won't but I'm still in it and I'll go for it til it's good or over. Yeah that's good stuff.

kahlo2013's picture

This is absolutely wonderful - the easy jazzy blues feel is perfectly done - the chorus is fantastic and right - it conveys the strength of the love so concisely and brilliantly for a relationship on the fence. The longing and uncertainty tugs at my heart strings. The vocals are amazing and convey so much emotion. Gorgeous song in every way. It touches my soul deeply.

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There's a lovely swagger to this, musically, groovy indeed. Brilliant vocal brings the sugar.
Enjoyed my listen. Thanks for taking time with my first, great to see you hear agian this year.
Wishing you a productive end of summer, my friend. Hugs.

Joanne Gabriel's picture

Compelling piano work, superbly seconded by the shimmering vocals. Gorgeous piece.

katpiercemusic's picture

Love the piano intro. I wasn't really sure where it was going to go for a second. The piano and vocals are really sweet. Great musicality and the melody and accompaniment together... very smooth. I really enjoyed listening to this.

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Fabulous song.

Sumi is fabulous. The lyrics are outstanding, and perfect soulful vocals.

Wanna find out more about Sumi!