Dinner At Eight!

Dinner At Eight!

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Liner Notes: 

Hey Everyone, this guy was too busy for dinner. Thanks, your friend Jimmy


Dinner At Eight

Dinner At Eight
She already ate
Dinner At Eight
Oh...He was late

He stopped and gazed up at her face
Then he had seen a shiny metal plate
As soon as he walked in the door
He grabbed it, keeping it from falling to the floor


It looked too great
She is his boss now, it's not a date
By evening she is pretty sore
She is uneasy he was never late before

She couldn't tolerate his excuses for being late
She knows how he is and tried avoiding his fate
Her anger is tall and her laugh is short
After waiting out the storm she called for abort

She is scared to death to do it but she did great
After that the food is too good to waist
In fact he didn't crave any of this anymore
She seen him go into the grocery store
He is buying lots and lots of tv dinners

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Yeah, don't make your date wait like that. Does not end well. Fun lyric again!

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Ha! This is well crafted quirky fun. I will never be late to dinner again!