Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

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Liner Notes: 

This is actually a collaboration with Shreyasi Mukherjee alias SUMI, who is a member here, however, I can't find her page or her user name so I can add her as a collab. I get it worked out eventually.

I have changed my approach to songwriting this year, because I have Contracted with a publisher in March. They want me to produce only radio quality songs for promotion. This has made it more time consuming to complete a song.

I have written the music, arranged the song, collaborated with Sumi for the lyrics the theme and the vocals, recorded the tracks, produced the entire project, and managed the Publishing. This has taken me much more time than in the past when I was just creating a quick demo. So That has slowed me down from 50 songs to a total of TWO songs.

My new objective is Quality instead of Quantity. I believe that is an Improvement for me. Hope you agree.

Additionally, I have started going over my past Fawm, and 5090 songs for the past many years... Several hundred actually. I'll be Producing the best quality of these songs... ongoing. It's a different level of the game.

Contact me by email if we have done any collabs in the past.



Lyrics By Shreyasi Mukherjee
© 2018 All Rights Reserved

When I get on to the stage
And my heart's pounding
I look around to find
Just one familiar face

I try to use my imagination
The moment the music starts
Just then a voice from inside tells me
To follow my heart

Oh the heart never fails
To open up its sails
And show the way

It comes as a revelation
When it's time to play your part
A story may end or have a new beginning
But you gotta follow your heart

***Instr GTR***

I sing a line or two
And my senses return
The world's a stage with more than one known face
What a precious thing to learn

The drums jive and the flute dances
As I twirl and march
It's a magical world, a beauty to unfold
When we can follow our heart

***Instr Piano***

It comes as such a revelation
When it's time to play your part
A story may end or have a new beginning
But you gotta follow your heart

*** Instr full on ***

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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Very beautiful song, collaboration and demo. Good luck with your work and collaborations Lucas. I've looked via google and found She is listed as your friend. You might the easiest way to contact Shreyasi is to send her a message via facebook. She might have a different user name here Smile

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Thanks, Nadia
It's just her user name here at 5090 that I lost, we talk every day by email.
Russ Smile

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I can definitely hear the difference in the demo quality. Everything is so nicely produced and great arrangement. Sumi's vocals are tender and passionate and at the center stage like they should be. Thoroughly enjoyable collaboration! Smile

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I don't know that I've ever seen Sumi's profile on here. You two are a fantastic musical pairing! Hope you got a chance to take a peek at the article about your recent EP release with her! Love what you two are doing!

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I thought that was you writing that article. I'm impressed by your writing and interviewing skills. So much like a little chat by the fireside than a Blog interview. It may have been on FAWM and not so here at 5090 I'll have to ask her about it. Russ Smile

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I've been replaced...Sumi sings me under the table. Oh well. Happy for you guys. This is sooooo good! Smile Love this and your other song too. Congrats! Dance 4

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Never replace will you be... Just a different style you have... and Beautiful it is too. Russ Smile

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Phenomenal! Love the jazzy Latin groove! Fantastic message and wonderfully vivid images that pair perfectly with the music! Congrats on your success! Wishing you the best!

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VERY GOOD such a beautiful voice effortlessly swooning through every wonderful voice, accompanied by such lovely piano weaving a beautiful background with all the other instruments. A party for the senses and emotions. This is to be danced with the one you love. Very close... very very close.

Sumi seems quite at home with this arrangement, and her beautiful vocals flow naturally. Your polish at the mixing console shows too. The piano sparkles, and the guitar is so intimate. Joy to my ears!

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I can relate to this song, and I love the jazz setting that you've given it. I've been struggling lately as a performer because so often I don't see that familiar face I the audience. That's the downside of surrounding yourself with performers. They aren't always great at playing audience. This is a lovely arrangement, and as I've already said, I relate to the lyrics. The vocal performance is beautiful. That's so cool that you've got a contract, and I totally get quality over quantity. I promised myself I would do that this year, but yet again I find myself churning out hastily put together tunes, probably because it's easier. Net year I will have to get friends to help out and was me upside the head for pushing volume. Sigh.

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The drums jive and the flute dances
As I twirl and march
It's a magical world, a beauty to unfold
When we can follow our heart
Love that verse, wonderful voice and tone for this style of music, the rhythm makes such a nice flow this is beautiful, good luck with your new adventure, this was beautiful to listen to!!

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This is unbelievable. What a transformation! I am not kidding you. Sumi is a fabulous vocalist.....and a fabulous lyricist.
I would buy an album of this music.